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Websites that Attract Business

Whether you’re selling a product or offering a service, you want your website to move people to action. Gray’s Web Design can help you stay ahead by creating an Internet marketing strategy that helps you attract clients and build lasting relationships.

As a full-service Oregon Web design business, we offer Web design, redesign, logo creation, copy development, site maintenance, and marketing. If you are ready to take your organization online—or if you’re not satisfied with your current website—we can help.

Lisa GrayCelebrating 10 years in business

“We specialize in developing highly functional websites, emphasizing both usability and design. Give me a call to talk about your project or idea. I'm looking forward to meeting you.”
— Owner, Lisa Gray

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Drawing Clients To You

The first step to developing long-term client relationships is finding each other.

That’s why we offer an array of marketing
tools and services that can draw potential
clients to your website.

This includes search engine optimization, linking with sites that can draw people to your website, and marketing referrals.

Inviting Clients To Stay

Once you find each other, your website
has to be inviting and easy to use.
Potential clients want to know that you
understand their needs and can help
fulfill them.

Oregon Web designer Lisa Gray will listen to your needs and help you create an attractive website that makes sense to your site visitors.