Our Philosophy

What are the benefits of selecting Gray’s Web Design?

  • We specialize in developing highly functional websites, emphasizing both usability and design.

  • We believe in maintaining relationships with my clients over time to keep your site alive and fresh.

  • We prioritize customer service so you can feel confident that I will be available to discuss your website needs and desires.

At Gray’s Web Design, we believe in customer service, simplicity, speed, and marketing.

Customer Service

Whether your business or organization is across the street or across the country, we stay in close contact throughout the development process. We take the time to get to know you and your organization’s goals, products/services, competitors, and customers so that we can be responsive to your needs. Owner Lisa Gray meets regularly with local clients, and stays in touch with all our clients through e-mail, telephone, and fax lines.

Collage of Gray's Web Design's work

A FEW EXAMPLES OF OUR DESIGNS (click here to see our portfolio)


Simplicity means elegance and readability. How many sites have you visited that were cluttered with fancy gizmos? How long did you stay at those sites? Our guess is not very long.

You want people to stay at your site long enough to become customers. A simple, emotionally appealing site can attract and keep customers.


No matter how appealing your website
is, marketing is essential to attracting customers. If you don’t market your website, no one will find it. It’s as simple as that. Visit Our Services to find out more about our marketing services.

Contact us today to talk about your website and marketing needs.